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 Love. Love is wonderful. Love is playful. Love is hearing your heart sing and feeling yourself fly with the person you share that emotion with. Romantic love…sexual love, is special. It’s intimate. Even thinking back to someone who doesn’t even know you ever had a sexual crush on them. That person was in the private part of your mind. That person roamed with fee will to the places no one else will go but you. But for the people who you really share that experience with, it becomes an experience all its own. Where the two of you are bonded in a moment that is eternal even if you become separated later. You become one with that person. You feel alive. You feel complete. It can be a little confusing though. Like when your best friend in the world, who also happens to be physically male and is also transgender is who you love.

I have known Carol since before I moved out of my parent’s house. She helped me become who I am. She’s more like a sister to me than, well, even my own sisters (love my sisters BTW, they supported me more than any family members ever did). Carol grounded me as I went through the transition to living as a woman. I care for her like no other. So, when Carol made her move on me, it was a little awkward, but Carol is a very sexual person when she wants to be, and I can tell you from first hand experience, she’s fantastic in bed, but getting to know someone that way after having the kind of relationship we had, for so long, it’s a good thing for me that Carol is such a wonderful person.

...meanwhile back in Carol’s bedroom.

I lay there in the dim light waiting for my friend, now my lover. Carol had been so sexy and really turned me on with how she took control over me only a few moments before. Now as I heard her in her bathroom with the water running and her shadow crossing in the light under the door. Thoughts about my friend that I never had before, raced through my mind. Fantasies of all sorts and situations. I closed my eyes, naked in the dark and thought of her again. The way she felt against me and how sure I was that I wouldn’t get hurt with her. I felt so safe. I imagined our bodies together, my hands running over her and her soft skin. I lifted my hand off the bed and began to rub my semi hard penis slowly.


Just as I did, the bathroom door opened, and like I had just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I pulled my hand away and dropped it back on the bed. Carol emerged from the bathroom with a towel tucked around her boobs. “Well don’t let me stop you.” She said as I looked up at her. I let out a little giggle. Then she said, “No, really. Let me watch you for a minute. Just don’t cum ok?”

At first, I was still trying to switch gears back from being an embarrassed person who had been caught masturbating, and back into the room with my lover. I took a breath and relaxed myself while I watched her watching me. “Just pretend I’m not here.” She said as she reached over and turned off the bathroom light. As my eyes adjusted, I saw her step into a shadow made by the open door and she mostly disappeared into the darkness of the room, the only light was the dim light of the lamp next to the bed. I’m sure for Carol, this was all the light she needed. My body and the bed would have been more illuminated than anything in the room. A spotlight on her private viewing of how I spend my most private moments, alone with the fantasy life I never had. The one I wanted. The one I was building the foundation of tonight.

As I put myself back in the moment I thought of a lover next to me. I thought of being kissed softly and feeling my body react. My hands began to move along my own body where I thought my lover would be touching me, I felt my breasts and I began to rub my cock again. Slowly at first then holding it in my hand I began to rub a little harder as I felt my nipples become erect. I felt my body the way I thought I would explore my lovers. I held my penis the way I had since I first started masturbating, and began to stroke myself. I ran my hand down to my crotch and spread my legs, feeling my inner thighs, imagining someone between them as I continued. I arched my back and lifted my knees for my faceless imaginary lover, I could be penetrated with a smooth hard cock. This was my private fantasy world, and with the spotlight now on me, I invited Carol into that world for a glimpse into who I am sexually.

I was beginning to think of my imaginary lover’s hands running down my side as I opened my eyes briefly to see her approach the side of the bed, then she took her towel off and I stopped, just looking at her naked body again, pale in the dim light. “Lift your but up for a second sweety.” She requested, so I bent my knees a little more and lifted my ass off the bed as she slid the towel under me. “Just want to keep my mattress dry.” She mentioned as I put my butt back down, and she slipped into the bed next to me, pulling the covers up and snuggling up next to me. “Oooo your still nice and warm too.” She said as she hugged close to me and I felt her legs weave into mine.

She put her hand on my cheek and I turned to face her. She leaned in and kissed me so softly. Not like when she was trying to mimic a man. This was a very feminine kiss. Just lightly kissing my lips and her tongue exploring the outer edges of my mouth, feeling along my bottom lip. I met her with my own tongue. Just barely tasting hers with my own as my lips began to tingle again. She kissed along my cheek and back down across my neck again. She rolled herself more along my side pushing me to lay flat with her covering one side of me with her body, as she kept kissing the underside of my chin, then down my neck to the top of my chest as her hands began to explore.

She placed one hand on my face and ran her fingers into my hair. I felt her other hand on my inner thigh running up my leg, and I felt my body respond by lifting my knees slightly and spreading my legs so she could explore freely. Her hand slowly moving up my thigh and around the back to my butt. She squeezed at my plump bottom and then moved back down my leg softly and slowly. I had taken my hand closest to her and begun to run my fingers gently along her back, just feeling her soft skin as she began to kiss my breasts.

I felt her suck gently at my nipple. Her tongue then began to circle around the outer edge. As she kissed at it and sucked it gently again. Teasing me and making my nipple hard enough to cut glass. I felt her as she had begun to work up my inner thigh again. This time coming to rest under my balls and she cupped them in her hand. I felt her hand gently wrap around the base of my cock and she gently felt upward toward the tip. When she got to my sensitive area, I rolled my hips upward and back instinctively, and I felt her grip get just a little tighter and she began to pump slowly on my shaft.

My back arched, and I ran my fingers up her side and then down again to her ass, gliding along her soft smooth skin. She moved from my breast to kissing my upper abdomen. Starting at the top and then working her way down taking her time and continuing to stroke my cock slowly and breaking the rhythm up so I couldn’t get excited and cum too fast. Her touch was gentle and sweet. I remember raising my head to look at her for a moment and the way she was kissing my belly made me realize that I was not alone in the way I had been feeling. That my friend wasn’t just acting the part anymore. This was romance. This was intimacy. This was love. Wait a minute….LOVE? I’m in love with my friend? Like really in love? Like I’m exposing myself to possible heartache love?

I watched her face, eyes closed kissing me as I ran my fingers through her hair as she worked her way down my body. Then just before she got to my penis, she turned her head for a moment, looked back at me, and I could see in her gentle gaze, that was exactly what it was. Love. Beautiful, tender, sweet, love.

She turned her head back and I felt her lips kissing my penis. She pulled the skin back, so it was tight, and kissed me all the way down the shaft. All I could see was the back of her head, but I felt her warm wet mouth as she put my cock in it. I could feel her begin to suck and pull like she had taught me. I let out a little moan and felt my cheeks flush and my pulse race as I grabbed the back of her head and felt the rhythmic motion of her action. I heard her mouth pop as she pulled back and broke the suction, then she grabbed my legs and pulled me down the bed a little more.

She turned her head around, whipping her hair over, giving me a naughty glare, and a wicked smile. Then went back to sucking me, I felt my cock hit the back of her throat as she took me all the way in, balls deep into her mouth and then release. She made a short gasp for air then went back under for more. Then, the really unexpected happened. As she kept stroking me, she paused sucking me for a moment and she turned her body around. Then I saw her leg swing over my head, and before I knew it she was on all fours with me in her mouth again and her own cock right over my face.

I didn’t hesitate this time. I reached for the dangling treasure above my head and took it in my hand. Then I raised my head, stuck out my tongue and licked the slippery precum, that was glistening in the soft light from her bedside lamp, off her beautiful cock. I couldn’t reach much but the tip with her so high up, so I reached over and pushed her legs a little further apart bringing her right down where I needed her, and I began to have fun too. I took her in my mouth again and the same as before, I brought her as far in as I could and sucked a little then began to apply the same rhythmic motion I felt on my own cock. As we synced up I got excited, I reached up and felt her thigh and her ass I dug my nails into her skin, rough but not deep but enough to scratch, and she squeezed my cock with her hand in response. It was like each of us had control over the other and we could drive each other insane with just a touch at the right moment.

Carol made a muffled moan as I found her sensitive spot and began rolling my thumb over it in a circular motion. I felt her body shake a little as I kissed her cock, took the tip in my mouth, sucking and continuing to roll my thumb over her lovely sweet spot.

As I lay there pleasing my friend, and her pleasing me, I began to arch my back a little. She lifted her head making that pop sound again as the suction broke. I heard her say, as I felt her fingers rolling progressively over the head of my penis, “Don’t wait for me, I won’t be able to cum again tonight.” Then she put her head back down and began to work me. That didn’t stop me though. I was having too much fun and the action of us pleasing each other in this way was so erotic and sexy. I felt like I was starting to cum and I pushed my butt down into her soft bed, pulling my cock out her grip. “Not yet, make it last a little longer.” I begged.


“MMMMM fine with me.” She moaned, and she took a break from my cock which was now on a hair trigger, and she bent down kissing my thighs while I calmed down. I felt her boobs come to rest on either side of my penis. For a few moments that situation was like a timebomb, one wrong move and that would have been it. I kept my ass very still and raised my knees up to move my penis a little lower. My wonderful lover took this as an invitation to kiss every inch of the inside of both my thighs, making me crazy with delight. I dug my nails in once again to signal my lust for the moment. She started to nibble at the skin on my legs as I did. I waited until my cock no longer felt like it was on edge, then I took her in my mouth again and reached forward taking her breasts in my hands and tugged at her nipples like reins, pulling her back up.

When I felt she was up on her elbows again I let go of her nipples and grabbed my cock, offering to feed it to her. In her hunger for my sex, she took me in her mouth again. This time she wasn’t be subtle, being a little rough with her made her lust for me. I ran my hand up her leg and dug in once more, letting out a soft moan, I took her out of my mouth for a moment and stroked her with my free hand. “Ohh god!” I exclaimed. “I’m almost there! Don’t stop!” I had no thought about my previous mild reservations regarding my friend. It didn’t matter to me that I was being sucked into bliss by the person I consider part of my family. I was in this moment for the first time in my life. She was bringing me to orgasm and it was pure ecstasy. I felt so much a part of her at that moment. We were one being, and we were making love without a care for anyone or anything else in the world. Everyone who had ever said that doing this was wrong, or that had criticized me for having feelings for another human being of the same sex, could go straight to hell. This was ours.

I felt my back begin to arch again. My muscles went stiff I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Then I felt the first wave wash over me. My body started shaking and my cock throbbed. Carol kept her hand on me, controlling my motions and her mouth on the tip of my cock. Another wave, followed by another, and another. As my semen filled her mouth, I tilted my head back and let out a loud moan as my toes began to involuntarily curl. My eyes rolled up in my head, still stroking her cock, I felt the warm wetness on my chin and my neck as Carol began to shake as well. She may not have thought she could cum again, but she was. All over me. I grabbed her ass with one hand and squeezed. I scooped up some of the sticky love she spurted on my neck and sucked it off my fingers like it was sugar, savoring her love on my tongue.


Then Carol released my cock from her grasp and she pulled herself up still facing the opposite way but moving her head back toward me. She put her lips on mine for a kiss. I opened my mouth, and when she opened hers, I felt my own cum wash into my mouth. I kept it there as her tongue danced in my mouth stirring our love and mixing it together, becoming one essence. Then I swallowed the entire glorious mixture, her cum from my neck and my own. It was our love potion we made together, and it was the most erotic thing I had ever tasted. I would never have imagined such a feeling could be possible. I felt like I was floating. Like magic clung to me while she kissed me again.

Carol turned her body around and came to rest beside me. No covers or top sheet on the bed. I hadn’t noticed but we had pushed that on the floor some time during our erotic dance. She rested her head on her arm and I took the same position opposite her. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a while. No words were needed. She moved a little closer and put her leg under mine tangling us together and hugged me close. Then she kissed me softly again. We stayed like that for what seemed like all of time. Everything stopped. It was just us in the dim light.

As we kissed I thought of our essence which I could still feel in my throat. How many people get to know what that is? This was our love in a beautiful, erotic liquid, that was mixed together right here in my mouth and we shared it together with a kiss. Say what you want, think what you want. To me it was the most beautiful moment I could imagine. All the people who had been telling me I was wrong for the way I felt, all my life were the ones who were wrong. Two people can know love, regardless of background, regardless of sex, regardless of circumstance. Love transcends all, and makes you and the person you share it with whole.

Carol and I still love each other. That will never end, and even though this physical romantic love is something we've only shared on rare occasions, our intimacy is always there, and though we don’t share it openly, it’s with us every time we see, or speak to each other. There have been other intimate contacts between Carol and I. When the mood is right. When we need each other, but this one was very special. This was the day I grew into my sexual self. I've had many other firsts sexually since I left my masculine jailers behind and became free to become Abby, but Abby the woman, bloomed that night. I was beautiful, and sexy, I was desired, and I felt every bit of it. The woman in my arms gave that to me, and she gave it to me in such a way that I could always cherish every moment. Even the awkward ones. Which is the way I have built every relationship I have had since. This was her gift to me, and I will always treasure it.

Thank you Carol.