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It was my 16th birthday. I wasn’t planning on doing much. Just have cake and ice cream. With a few family and friends. My dad had gone to the coast on a fishing trip. It was six o’clock and a few guest were arriving . To my surprise one of my step mom’s coworker’s and her son showed up he was just a few months older that me and we had been around each other on other outings. He attended a school that we played against in sports. But away from the guys from our schools we got along good. Now let me tell you about his mom Iris. She was a older mature woman not knowing her age I would guess her at around 40 at the time. She was a very classy woman with style she always wore the best clothes to do justice to her body and curves. She stood about 5’7 and was I’d say about 130 she had short spiky bleached blonde hair. Don’t get the wrong image that she had the dike look cause she was all classy the kinda woman that turned heads in every room she walked in. Her breast were amazing not the big d’s everyone talks so much about but the perfect perky c’s that are perfectly round. She was always wearing blouses that done them no harm and let just enough of them show to keep you wondering what lies beneath the fabric.

The next guest that showed up is a neighbor lady and her son and daughter. Her name is kelly her son Andrew was in my class and one of my best friends all threw school. Amber his older sister she was 2 years older that the two of us. She was always the quite type that always done good in school and had always been in a long term relationship. She was a looker. All the neighbor hood k**s had tried to catch a peek at her changing or getting out of the shower. And once or twice caught a good view. But she was always to good for any of us young guys the guys she always dated were those in collage. But it never hurt to try right. Well her mom kelly seeing her you would know right off where she got her good looks from cause at 44 she was still a knockout. During summer camp outs she would wear bikinis that showed almost everything I had jacked off many nights to thoughts of her taking advantage of me. She was a full figured woman that had just enough meat on her to make her curves explode. And let me tell ya they did. Her hips were perfect her tummy was not like a super model but that of a soccer mom I would say.

Back to the get together. It was around 7 and me and all the young people were having fun in my room playing xbox . While the woman were in the den drinking wine and talking about this and that mainly about there husbands. Mary Jane called everyone to the kitchen to eat cake and ice cream. I was surprised that I had gotten so many gifts . I blew out the candles and was greeted with a hug from Iris her whispering in my ear” happy birthday young man” the feel of her breast pushing against me and the smell of her perfume was enough for my cock to stiffing up. Just as she pulled away. I started trying to get myself out of the middle of everyone cause with the gym shorts I was wearing I knew it wouldn’t be long before some one would notice my tent sticking out. As I turned around there was kelly to meet me with the same hug I had just got from Iris but this time she whispers “Your turning into such a handsome young man. Happy birthday. I hope it is the best day of your life to date.” with her soft voice in my ear it just made things go from bad to worst I now had a full blown hard on. And it was within inches from my best friends mom’s leg.
excused myself to the restroom. I instantly pulled my shorts off and started jerking off. All the thoughts of these two women were all I needed to blow my load in about three minutes I looked in the mirror like all young men do admiring the development into a man I was going threw the hair popping up in places I didn’t know you could or was suppose to grow in and wow the size of my cock it looked bigger than ever today and even after I blew my load and it was starting to slowly shrink back down. But it for some reason looked huge today. I guess I was just kinda in a trance cause I didn’t even realize I didn’t lock the door and when I heard it open I almost shit. It was amber I was standing there with my shorts around my ankles and my cock still sticking out all I could do is try and cover it. Expecting her to scream and run out of the bathroom she did neither she just stood there looking at it. Then said” sorry for walking in on you but I have really got to pee and didn’t even think to knock.” I replied “sorry for you seeing me this way” not knowing what else to say.


I finally managed to bend down and pick up my shorts. And walk out of the bathroom. For the next several hours no matter what I did or was doing I couldn’t get amber out of my mind. I opened my gifts from dad and Mary Jane I had gotten a truck. But they had given it to me a few months ago. From my grandma and grandpa I got a gas card with 100 on it. From Iris and Shawn I got a free oil change and detail from a local lube shop. And as I was opening them up not really overly excited about anything I got a little bag and with a box in it I picked it up and read who it was from. It was from Iris. Just Iris not Shawn and Iris just Iris. This threw all kinds of mixed thoughts in my mind I opened the bag and pulled the box out of it and on a pink sticky note it read. “ open this by yourself or with someone special. XOXO Iris ” and underneath it, it had a kiss that appeared to be real lipstick. My face had to turn bright red cause everyone just started laughing at me. Which I hated more than anything is for people to laugh at me.

The whole time I was just wondering what the hell could be in this box it was no bigger that 5inch square box. I sat it aside and carried on with opening the rest of the gifts getting some clothes and video games and fishing stuff from family. I got a red envelope from Kelly and Amber. I open it to only find a twenty dollar bill and a envelope inside with a sticky note that reads “open this one by yourself but do it soon”” Happy birthday big boy” and also has two kisses on the bottom. Okay by this time my mind was racing 90 to nothing wondering what the hell is going on this is crazy. But I still kept opening gifts. I got a few more clothes some cleaning stuff for my truck and a few more gift cards. And when I thought that was all Mary Jane hands me a envelope that was sealed with a kiss. Just as I was getting my composer back I was turning red all over again. I opened it and it had a gift card for a fancy diner for two dinners. And also a envelope with a sticky note reading “ don’t open till your alone.” Okay I’m not one for surprises but for some reason today seems that’s all I’m getting is surprises.

It was around 9 and most of the family had all left and some of the friends. And by 10 all that was left is Kelly who just lived a mile down the dirt road, her daughter, Iris who lived about a hour away and I knew with all the wine she had drank she wasn’t going anywhere till morning. And of course Mary Jane, and Shawn. Me and him were in my room playing the new game I got. I had almost forgot about the notes till he asked me if I had opened them. “no I’m afraid to open them “

  “don’t be silly open them” Shawn says. Laughing.

“nah I better wait and do it alone it might be something I don’t want anyone seeing”

And once again my mind was racing wondering what the hell could they be. After a while I had to pee so I got up and went to the restroom and as I was coming out I heard my name get mentioned out in the den I went threw the kitchen where it was dark and got to wear I could hear what they were saying .

Kelly says” what was he doing”

Iris says “yea what was he doing with his pants down in front of the mirror?”

“I think he was playing with himself” amber says and laughs.

“was he you know “

“Hard?” Mary Jane asked

” I don’t think he was all the way hard I think he had just finished I could see some what appeared to be cum on the tip of his cock.” Amber says

“Oh my god Amber you were checking out his cock weren’t you?” Iris says laughing now at her.


“Well I was kinda drawn to the size of it for such a young guy. I date mostly older men and have seen my brother a time or two and he was well bigger but not only that his cock was just nice it had a curve to it that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.” amber says

“what It had a curve to it?” Iris and Kelly said almost at the same time.

With all that was being said about me I was going crazy I wanted to get out of there but also I wanted to hear what else they were saying . All the time I knew Shawn would be noticing I was gone for to long soon and come looking for me and if they were to notice me ease dropping . I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. What kinda pervert am I to be ease dropping but on the other hand what kind of perverts are they to be talking about a 16 year olds penis. MY PENIS AT THAT. And all of a sudden I was almost right. But it was Mary Jane she was getting another bottle of wine. I was trying not to make it look like I was ease dropping so I opened the icebox and got a pop out she came up and gave me a hug and said “Happy birthday honey.” “Your getting so big” “and by the way amber said she seen you in the bathroom “


“yea I was”

“you were playing with it weren’t you. You naughty boy.”

“no I had just finished ” I said smiling with my head down not knowing weather she was mad or giving me a hard time.

“amber was telling us how nice it was your curve and all I really wanted to say yes I know .”

“but I know they would have all asked how I knew and I couldn’t explain that to any of them.”

She kissed me and gave my cock a little pinch and walked out of the kitchen. I went back to the room and explained to Shawn that I had to do something for my step mom. And went back to playing the game we played for another 2 or 3 hours I knew it was getting late but when I looked at the alarm clock and seen it was 1 am I couldn’t believe that the ladies were still up drinking. I told Shawn we had better go see what they are doing its late. We walked out to the den and there was no one there. I seen the light on out at the gazebo (dad had built it and put a huge hot tub out there last summer and it was really nice in the summer when the days cooled off to night.) I looked out the window and seen that the party had moved to the hot tub I pointed to Shawn and we walked out there .


 Kelly and Amber were wearing there own swim suits witch fit perfect and Mary Jane had on her new one she had bought the other day that I was ever so glad to finally see her in it. And Oh MY GOD Iris had on one of Mary Jane’s old ones and let me tell you it was a few sizes to small for those girls the only thing the little bit of fabric was covering is her nipples I think her breast were poking out of ever side there was the sides the top and the bottom . There wasn’t much left for the imagination to uncover. They all looked amazing but I couldn’t get my eyes off of Iris. When they noticed us. Kelly yelled out “Get us another bottle and get your trunks on and join us birthday boy.” I must have been day dreaming cause Mary Jane yelled “hurry up we’re getting thirsty” I ran in the house and opened the icebox and realized there was no more wine.

“oh my gosh Shawn they have drank like 7 bottles of wine the drawer was full this morning of wine and there is none left.

“what else ya’ll got I’d like to get Amber d***k and fuck her.” Shawn said grabbing his crotch.

“yea I know what ya mean I’d like to have any of the women out there.” Not realizing what I just said Shawn let me know what I said.

“even your mom?”

“she’s my step mom and besides you can’t tell me if she was your step mom you wouldn’t hit that shit”

“True she is hot I’d hit it’” Shawn says hitting me in the arm as I was going threw the liquor cabinet and all I could find that might get there attention is a bottle of patron and a bottle of Malibu. I grabbed both and stuck them on the counter and ran to my room to change. I grabbed my new trunks with the tropical flower pattern and threw Shawn a old pair of blue ones. With baseball and basketball locker rooms I had no problem with changing in front of other guys so I dropped my shorts and grabbed my trunks. I looked up and Shawn was looking at my cock. “what you looking at fag?” I asked him “ah ah nothing its just yours is curved and bigger than mine.”


“sorry dude ” as I laughed and bend over to grab my dirty clothes and throw em in the dirty clothes basket. When I turned around I could see why he was jealous of he was only about 6inches maybe . I just laughed and thank the lord for such a nice cock he gave me and walked out of the room. Grabbed the liquor and went to the gazebo. Iris and Kelly both whistled at me making me blush and at the same time said” Nice shorts Birthday Boy!” I laughed and handed Mary Jane the bottles of alcohol “what is this we can’t drink this stuff we want wine” she said handing it back to me. “your d***k asses drank all the wine goofy and its either this or dads crown or some of his old cheap whiskey” Kelly yelled out “ give it here lover boy I’m not scared of getting wild”

She stood up and my cock almost sprang straight out. Her swim suit clung to her body like latex. You could see the outline of her nipples and well she had a little camel toe showing. She grabbed the patron and started chugging. Iris and Amber were chanting “go go go “

Mary Jane said “ ya’ll are crazy”

Kelly put the bottle down and grabbed the Malibu and chased it down. I knew it wouldn’t belong till some one was naked at this rate if they could just keep the liquor down it was gonna be a fun night for all. It wasn’t but about a min and Iris grabbed the bottle and started her way towards being a slobbering d***k. As soon as she put it down little Amber grabbed it and killed about 3 shots or so and also chased it with Malibu. They started giving Mary Jane a hard time saying “ you can’t handle it!!! you can’t handle it!!!” being pressured I guess she grabbed it and took down more that the other 3 did. I knew the night was just getting started even thou it was now going on 3 am.


Me and Shawn found us a spot in the tub and settled in I was between Kelly and Iris with a hard on that on its way to exploding. Shawn was across from me between my beautiful step mom and the hottest girl on our road. We were both in heaven as we knew it. We all just made small talk about how nice it was out side and how the breeze was wonderful. And then out of no where Kelly said “so what is this we hear about you having a nice curving cock” I almost chocked followed by Iris’s comment “yea Amber said it was a man’s cock with a curve.” and then Amber said “Sorry I couldn’t help but telling them. I think it was all the wine.” I was so red and my cock was now hiding some where in my stomach I believe.

I didn’t know what to say or do I jut sat there . Kelly with her big mouth and all the alcohol “so lets see what it is that had my little girl all hot and bothered” I once again for about number 20 for the day I was red faced I said “no I can’t do that” Iris said “ if its bigger than my husband’s 7 inch thick cock I’ll suck it for you right here in front of god and everybody” when she said that my cock twitched and started to grow. And why I did it I still don’t know to this day but I said “if ya’ll will take of your tops I’ll show you this cock that Amber is in love with.” Loud mouth Kelly said “you want to see these old saggy things?” and stood up and flopped her long lovely brown hair around her shoulders and said “well untie me big boy.” My fingers were shaking so bad she had to feel the nervousness in them as I untied the bowtie knot. When I pulled the string it was like a jack-in-the-box the top dropped and her breast popped out. Iris said “ here you can see these little girls. Untie me !” My cock was pulsing almost as fast as my heart at the sight of Kelly’s and now Iris wanted to show her amazing breast to me as well. I pulled her string and the little tiny pink bikini fell in the water and her tits didn’t fall a cm. I looked across the tub to see that Mary Jane and Amber were still wearing there’s. I assume Kelly noticed about the same time. Cause she told them” come on girls your keeping me from seeing this cock I’ve heard so much about.”

I couldn’t believe it when Amber stood up and told Shawn to do the deed it took him all of about a mill a second to pull the cord to unleash the most amazing breast I had ever seen a 18 year old have. She had no tan line they looked perfect not as big as her moms or Iris’s but for sure they were as nice. And all was left as my step mom Mary Jane I had seen them several times but they were breast you could never get tired of looking at and playing with. She turned red and said “what the hell” and grabbed the front of her top and just yanked it off. It had been a while since I had seen them. I hadn’t forgotten how nice they were but I couldn’t remember them being so beautiful. There we were 3 older women all d***k and topless not to mention the hottest girl in the school sitting right across from me with here perky breast that appeared to be floating on the water. I was so amazed looking back and fourth from one woman to the next I forgot what the deal was. But my member hadn’t forgotten. He was at full attention. Just about the time I realized it was my turn. Amber reminded me along with the rest of the woman saying “yea your turn birthday boy show us your big curvy cock.” what else could I do? All these women had been with men not boys like myself they have had a man’s cock why do they want to see mine I had be told by several girlfriends that it was big but they were all girls. Not women and especially.


SNot women in there 30’s and 40’s. But I had to it was the only way I was gonna keep this going so I pulled my shorts down in the water. And stood up I couldn’t have been more happier with my member he was poking out farther than I have ever seen him. He was standing loud and proud. There was a very long silence period. Then Amber like her mom with a big mouth says” I told you it was a nice big curvy dick” followed by her mom” well she knows a nice cock when she sees one. That’s for sure! “ couldn’t go without Iris throwing her two cents in” well looks like I got to suck a dick tonight.” that was almost to much for me knowing that this classy woman was talking like this and being slutty . I remind you these women are all married except Amber who is in a long term relationship for going on two years now and they are all well know women and I have never heard of any of them except for my step mom on a few occasions messing around outside there marriage. And here they are all three were topless and staring at my cock. If this wasn’t heaven I don’t know what is.

Iris took no time keeping her end of the deal she reached over and grabbed it and without teasing it or anything it went straight to her mouth it was so warm and wet and seemed that she was hungry for my cock cause in no time she was taking most of it in. There was saliva running down my balls. And shining even in the poor lighting that the glob lights put off she was sucking fast and seemed to be deeper with every stroke in and out faster and faster I was feeling my nuts tighten and not even noticing my surroundings. Just as I was about to blow the whole thing with blowing a load in this hot classy woman’s mouth Kelly grabs me by the arm and pulls so hard my cock flopped out of Iris’s mouth pulling me all the way in a 180 to now where I’m starring straight at Kelly’s awaiting mouth. She wasn’t so nice as Iris was she kissed the head and teased it by kissing all the way down the shaft and back up again taking both my balls in her mouth sucking them like she was trying to give me a giant hicky or something it was so hard it was hurting but for some reason it was hurting in a good way. When she spit them out she was done with teasing me she took my cock in her mouth like a porn star on the first time she took me all she gagged a little but never took it out of her mouth I began face fucking her she had her eyes locked with mine like a true slutt her eyes were watering but she was taking it all in with every stroke I could feel it all the way down her throat.

"I couldn’t believe that I was lasting this long with two beautiful women sucking my cock I don’t know if it was the sexual high I was on or what.

" I looked across the tub to see Amber and Shawn lip locked and Shawn’s hand was wrapped around her breast squeezing it like he was trying to get something out of it.

"Photos http://cpmlink.net/14gLAA

"It must have been driving her wild cause threw the water I could see she had a holt of his cock. And next to him I was shocked even more than the fact that I was getting head from these two ladies.

" Mary Jane had sat up on the side of the tub on the deck and was fingering her puss so fast you would have thought she was gonna rub a blister on it or something she must have had 3 fingers in it.

"I felt hands cupping my ass and then soft kisses coming up my back. And then warm soft kisses on the back of my neck and then right to my ear.

"The whole time Kelly’s still gagging on my cock. Iris whispers in my ear” I need your cock in me now.

” I pulled It out of Kelly’s mouth leaving her wanting more for her cock hunger.

"I turn back around and lift Iris out of the water and lay her on the deck and kiss her left breast then her right nibbling on each nipple just enough to make it stand up and poke out.

"Then ease down her ever so flat stomach. Till I get to here bikini line where I pull it off with my teeth just far enough to expose her beautiful shaved vaginal area. It was the most amazing sight I had ever seen I ran my tongue all around her slit but never touching her inner lips. She was already arching her back and pushing her hips towards me. I ran my tongue right threw the middle of her slit. It tasted amazing. I had eaten a few women out but never such a sweet taste as this one. I went right to work on her clit. Squeezing her thighs pulling her as close is I could I felt her grab my head. Pulling on me as hard as she could. I felt a gush of her womanly fluids feel my mouth. As she started screaming “oh oh oh oh my god I’m gonna cum!!!” and with that she slammed her head back on the deck. I didn’t even let her recuperate. I stood up and stuck my cock in her slowly letting her enjoy every inch of my curvy cock they were so happy to see. I took it slow and deep the first few strokes and slowly increased my speed till I was pounding her not like I had pounded other girls or even Mary Jane it was almost a****l like. I knew I had to give it all to her. All that I had. And I was doing everything I could to do that. I was just about to cum once again when Kelly pulled my hips back pulling me back into the hot tub. I turned around to see what she was doing. She looked at me and said “give me some of that lover boy” What could I say she must have really wanted it she sat up on the deck and licked two of her fingers and whipped her pussy and with that I rammed it in. I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders. And began fucking her there were no emotions evolved just straight fucking and I was loving it. It wasn’t but about 3 minutes and I was cuming deep in her womb. It must have done her in cause she was started screaming. OH lover boy! Oh lover boy fill me with your sweet cum. I thought I was gonna pass out I roled off her and sat on the side of the hot tub and looked over to see Shawn drilling Amber with all his might. And Mary Jane kissing Amber I had never thought of her being bi or maybe it was just the liquor doing it but they were kissing with passion and lots of it.


I hadn’t even caught my breath when Iris started rubbing my balls and leaned in to kiss me her lips were soft as silk I ran my hand up her back and her skin was just as soft as her lips I pulled her in as tight as I could massaging her tongue with mine. It seemed like our kiss lasted for hours. But I know it couldn’t have been but a few minutes we were going wild with each other rubbing , cresting and massaging each other all over. I felt some lips cover the head of my cock and with out even looking down I knew that Mary Jane had my cock in her mouth. I pulled away from Iris and looked down and I was right my beautiful sexy step mom was passionately sucking my cock nice n slow getting it hard all over again. With in a few minutes of watching Shawn now pounding Kelly’s ass I couldn’t help but get as hard as I was most of the day. Mary Jane raised up and kissed me. Saying “I want you in me baby.” she pulled me down into the water and turned around and sat on my cock. The water was warm but her pussy had to be twice as hot as it was. It was like a furnace in there. She was doing all the work slowly up and down on my cock. She felt amazing I could hear Kelly screaming again. Knowing she was about to blow her top.
"I looked over there to see her shacking her head back and fourth . Yelling “fuck me you little son of a bitch. Fuck me harder.” My view was blocked by Amber kissing me. This was amazing the girl I had dreamed about many nights was now kissing me. All the time my hot step mom is riding my cock pushing against the other side of the hot tub pushing back taking as much of my cock as she possibly could wondering where Iris might be I break the kiss with Amber to look around and see that she is behind Amber eating her out. I had watched a lot of porn and seen this but never did I think I’d see it in real life especially not with such hot woman. Back to kissing amber I realized now why she was squirming around so much while she was kissing me. I could feel pressure building up in my balls. I assume Mary Jane did to cause she got off of me. I thought to myself what the hell why is she stopping I’m almost there. And I know she likes my cum in her pussy.

She turned around kissed me and said.“I want you to give Amber what you gave me last time we had sex.” I took me a second to remember what she was talking about. “ OH okay you think she can handle it?” her and Iris must have been talking about this cause Iris says right after I got the words out of my mouth” I got her ready for you her little rose bud is all loosened up and wet for that beautiful cock of yours.” I got up out of the water grabbed one of the chair pillows and got her up on all fours. Kissed her back and whispered in her ear “are you sure you want to do this?” she turned half way around and says yes I have always wanted to but guys always thought I was crazy when I asked em to I had intended on doing it with someone a little smaller than you but I guess here we are. I whispered back to her “I promise to be easy with you if it hurts to much just say stop and I will I promise.” She smiled back at me and said” thank you” your such a gentleman” with the sexiest smile I had ever seen. I raised back up to realize everyone was crowded around me Mary jane was to the left, Iris next to me on the right and Kelly was behind me with her hands on my cock ready to guide me into her daughter and Shawn was sitting in the lawn chair looking like he was about to pass out. Everyone was rubbing on Amber I guess trying to comfort her I slowly ease my rock hard cock up next to the door to this woman’s anal virginity with one little push and her moms help spreading her ass apart the head of my cock was in.

“OH shit” amber screams . “its okay it won’t hurt for long” Just relax he won’t hurt you.” I wait about a minute for her to get relaxed and usted to my cock. Finally I could feel her muscles relax and I eased about another inch or two in which cause her to scream again. Mary Jane and Iris done everything they could to comfort her one would kiss her and the other would massage her clit. Kelly now had my nuts in her hand massaging them and kissing my neck the whole time stroking the remaining part of my cock sticking out of her daughters ass. I slowly started rocking back and fourth in and out with each stroke going a little deeper in. until I had the biggest part of all of it in. I started picking up the pace. She started pushing back to my surprise. I finally could feel her ass touching my balls as I went in and then there I was nuts deep in this little hotties ass. I thought to myself guys at school wouldn’t believe me in a million years that I fucked Amber Smith in the ass. It was almost enough for me to blow my load.
I started to build up my speed till I was pounding her ass. She was now going crazy saying” your cock feels so good in my ass” fuck my ass you little birthday boy” give me all you have got stud” with that I knew just what to do I grabbed her by her hips and started drilling her I could feel her body start to shake I didn’t know if it was her cuming or the two hands under my cock plunging there fingers in and out of her or maybe it was cause Shawn now had his dick in her mouth pounding at her throat. Then my worries were answered she screamed out loud enough the people in town 5 miles away could hear her “I’m cum” I’m Cumming” Oh MY GOD I’m CUMMING” after cuming 3 times already I wasn’t quite ready to blow my load yet. She fished and fell to the floor. I stood up and started jacking off hoping that I could get one of these ladies to let me cum on there and who would have thought it but all 3 of them were sitting under me waiting Shawn got up and came to join the party also stroking his cock. Kelly looks up at me with the sluttiest eyes you ever seen and says “I want to eat your cum” Iris says” I’m gonna suck your cum out of your kelly’s mouth if you fill it up” and the thing that brought me to blowing my load is Mary Jane saying “ I’m gonna clean your cock up when you get done” with that ropes of cum started squirting into and on Kelly’s mouth Iris right there beside her to share the cum. Shawn right there above them to cum in his own moms face and into her mouth. The thing that got me is his mom went straight to cleaning his cock up taking it all in her mouth sucking licking it clean with her tongue. I looked down and Marry Jane took my cock into her mouth nice n slow sucking it dry the whole time ever time she would come up to the top she would smile at me. When my cock finally went totally limp she raised up and kissed me and said” happy birthday sweety” I looked over and kelly was holding amber up giving her a drink of water and Shawn and Iris were sitting there beside each other. Just looking up at the stars. And day dreaming. It was great we all sat there in silence till Kelly said “so girls was Amber right or what isn’t that an amazing cock” Marry Jane said “yes I almost got wet thinking about it when she mentioned it knowing how nice it is.” I know one thing we got to do this again and not just once a year for his birthday” Iris says. Amber sat up and said “he won’t have to worry about having dates I can’t wait to tell my friends how nice his cock feels in ever hole” and to make Shawn feel good they all said “ we like your cock to Shawn”.

We all went in the house and found a spot to crash I slept with Mary Jane and Kelly and Shawn had beside him his hot milf of a mom and that hot next door neighbor Amber. The next morning every one got up and left except of course Mary Jane all kissing me and telling me they can’t wait till next time. It was about 10 when Iris and Shawn finally left. And it was just me and Mary Jane we laid in bed most of the day tossing each other around we must have had sex 5 times between the naps and 7 that night when we showered and got cleaned up and went in my new truck to the fancy diner she had bought us a gift card for. When we got home that night she had me open the letters and the box. I figured she was as special of a person as any. The first thing I opened was the box which was packed plum full with condoms. And on the 3 letters they all just said happy birthday I hope you enjoyed it. I don’t know if they had planned it or was just trying to get me going or what but I sure did. I can’t wait till the 10 of next month all the guys have a hunting trip planned and its Amber’s birthday party